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AeroLite 103, Ready-To-Fly

Only $15,900!


The Aerolite 103 is a professionally built, ready-to-fly, legal Part 103 single-seat ultralight type aircraft.  

Standard equipment includes:  

Fully Assembled, Factory Built Airframe, featuring your choice of color(s), Various Engine Configurations (see below), Reduction Drive, 2 Blade Tennessee Propeller, Nose Fairing & Windscreen, Complete Panel with basic flight and engine instrument (airspeed, altimeter, slip indicator, tachometer, EGT, CHT, ), Electric Flaps, Shock Absorbing Main Gear, Steerable Nose Wheel with Suspension, Four-point Restraint System, 5 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank, Dacron Covering, Azusa Brakes, and a Fully Anodized Airframe

Kawasaki 340 Powered Aerolite - Only $15,900!

Includes Lightweight Manual Start and Reduction Drive

Electric Start Option - Only $590 (includes Lightweight Lithium Battery Pack)

Hirth F-33 Powered Aerolite - Only $16,790!

Includes Electric Start, Reduction Drive and Lightweight Lithium Battery Pack

* Other engine options include Rotax 447 and 503, Kawasaki 440, and other Hirth models.


  • Wheel Pants:  $450
  • BRS 500 or BRS 600 Ballistic Parachute:  $3,650 
  • Streamline Strut Fairings: $266 (set of 4)

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