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The Aerolite 103 is available as a a professionally built, ready-to-fly, legal Part 103 single-seat ultralight aircraft, or as a Quick-Build Kit that you can assemble yourself.

Standard equipment on every Aerolite:  

Complete airframe, featuring your choice of sail color(s), Nose Fairing & Windscreen, Instrument Panel, Electric Flaps, Shock Absorbing Main Gear, Steerable Nose Wheel with Suspension, Four-point Restraint System, 5 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank, Visual Fuel Quantity Gauge, Dacron Covering, Azusa Brakes, and a Fully Anodized Airframe.

All Factory Built Ready-To-Fly Aerolites include all of the above, plus Engine (see engine choices below), Reduction Drive, Electric Start, Lightweight Lithium Starter Battery, 2 Blade Culver Prop Propeller, Complete Panel with flight and engine instrument (airspeed, altimeter, slip indicator, tachometer, EGT, CHT).

Complete Quick-Build Airframe Kit - Only $11,900!

Ready to Fly Aircraft Prices: Price
Kawasaki 340   (30 HP) (Regularly $16,900 - SAVE $1,410!) $15,490
Hirth F33  (28 HP) $17,990
Hirth 2702  (40 HP, High Output.  Our Favorite Engine Choice) $19,850
Hirth F23  (50 HP) $20,990
Rotax 447  (40 HP) $19,890
Rotax 503  (50 HP) $20,790
Kawasaki 440  (40 HP) $19,290

(gearbox, instead of reduction drive, included on Rotax 447 and 503).   


Other Options:

6" Tire and Wheel Upgrade. $142
5" Wheel Pants. (our wheel pants are manufactured using colored gel-coat, so the finish color is molded right into the fairing.  We have gel coat colors to match many of the sail colors, in addition to Black and White).  Priced at $450 for a set of 3 $450
6" Wheel Pants.  Same as above, to accommodate the larger 6" wheels and tires.  Price is per set of 3. $525
Streamline Strut Fairings.  Our Streamline Strut and Gear Leg Fairings are extruded ABS, a true 3:1 streamline shape, and are manufactured with a UV additive for long service life.  Installing the Streamline Fairings and Wheel Pants will increase your cruise speed a minimum of 6 MPH and climb rate a minimum of 80 FPM on the lowest HP engine, and as much as 12 MPH and 150 FPM on the larger HP engines.  Price is per set of 4. $260
Streamline Gear Leg Fairings.  Price is per set of 2. $33
BRS 500 Softpack Parachute System.  Complete system, installed on your new Aerolite.  The BRS 500 is recommended for pilot weights of up to approximately 220 pounds.  Price includes Haz-Mat shipping charges from BRS. $3,755
BRS 600 Softpack Parachute System.  Complete system, installed on your new Aerolite.  The BRS 6500 is recommended for pilot weights of 220-275 pounds.  Price includes Haz-Mat shipping charges from BRS. $3,825
IVO Prop 3 Blade Adjustable Pitch Propeller.  Recommended for the additional performance on all engine upgrade packages. $660
Single Strobe Light.  Kuntzleman SC-103 system, which is highly visible single flash unit.  Mounted on the front of the root tube. Price includes mounting bracket. $99
LED Strobe Light.  Kuntzleman SC-103 LED system, which is highly visible and has a rapid 5 flash pattern.  Mounted on the front of the root tube.  Price includes mounting bracket. $169
Wingtip Strobe/Position Light System.  Kuntzleman streamline wingtip strobe system, with high intensity LED position lights built into the strobe head.  Includes driver and wiring harness. $388

(Rotax no longer makes new 447 and 503 engines. All Rotax 447 and 503 engines are rebuilt low time engines that have been disassembled, inspected and reassembled by a Service Center).

All Hirth and Kawasaki engines are new motors that have no prior run time.

Although the Aerolite can easily be built and flown with an empty weight well below those specified in FAR Part 103, certain engine configurations and/or the addition of various upgrades and options may result in the aircraft having an empty weight above those specified in Part 103.

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