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Lightweight, Streamline Cargo Pods for ALL Sport Planes and Ultralight Aircraft.

Weighs ONLY 2 lbs., 4 oz. OVER 1,000 Cubic Inches
Fits Nearly All LSA and Ultralight Models Custom Finish or Ready to Paint
Several Hatch Closure Options Streamline Design

Overall dimensions are 28" long, 11" diameter.  Hatch opening is 5-3/4" at the front, tapering to 5-1/4" at the rear, and 9" long.




Click any picture below for a full size view!


Click any picture above for a full size view!

  Model Price
Standard Cargo Pod  Includes Embedded Mount Reinforcement, and Quick Release hatch closure hardware.  Ready to Paint.  $205
Custom Colored Finish

(Pre-colored Pods are available by selecting one of the following gel coat colors:  Black, White, Yellow, Red, Florescent Green, Florescent Orange, Light Blue, Dark Green.  These Pods are polished to a high gloss shine, and do not need to be painted.)

Metal Flake Color
Metallic Finish 

(Optional metal flakes can be molded into the colored gel coat.  To order a metallic finish, select one of the 4 gel coat colors above, then choose your flake color)

Challenger Strut Mount Kit (can also be used on most other high wing aircraft) 60
Quicksilver Sport 2S Mount Kit 40
Quicksilver GT-500 Mount Kit 40
Quicksilver GT-400 Mount Kit 40
Rans S-18 (and others) Mount Kit 40

We are constantly increasing the number of specific Mount Kits available.  If you are installing a Cargo Pod and we do not yet have a mount kit available for you aircraft, email us and we will provide you details on how to receive a FREE mount kit for your aircraft.


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